Door handle height

- Mar 22, 2019-

The installation height of the door handle is generally between 80-100cm, which refers to the door, and the height of the door handle is generally 110cm from the ground. Of course, the height of some anti-theft door handles may be 113cm, but this is only a rough height, specifically Choose according to the actual situation.

In fact, there is no provision for the height of the door handle. The main consideration is the family situation of the owner, such as height or lifestyle. The following two issues need to be considered:

1. Determine the height of the door handle based on the height of the family member. Remember to take into account the situation of children here.

2, according to the habit of opening the door to set, if it is customary to open the door for the forearm level, the height of the door handle can be set to the height of the elbow joint.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult the designer during the decoration, so that you can use it more conveniently.

Common height:

The position of the building furniture and the door handle should be set at the most labor-saving position. That is, the position at which the maximum operating force can be issued, that is, the position of the back muscle activity is determined to be suitable for operation.

The handle position is related to the height, and there are two handles on the door in Europe for adults and children. The general office handle position is 100CM, and the average household uses 80~90CM. Kindergartens are still lower.