Door closer introduction

- Mar 24, 2019-

Electric door closer

The electric door closer is a mechanism for automatically closing the door leaf by electronic control. The inside is a solenoid valve and a strong spring. The electric door closer is suitable for the normally open fire door. The function is to make the fire door open normally.

Automatic door closer

Buffering is achieved by throttling the liquid in the automatic door closer. It is also used in homes in commercial and public buildings. The main use is to limit the spread of fire and ventilation within the building.

Fire door closer

It is installed on the upper part of the swing door leaf or built in the door leaf. It is used to open the door in one direction. It is usually used in the temperature range of -20 ~ 200 °C, combined by metal spring and hydraulic damping. The selection should be based on the width and weight of the door, fire limit, frequency of use, etc.