Door closer installation and maintenance

- Mar 26, 2019-

In-line door closer

Step 1: Before the door frame and the fan are in place, the bottom line should be smashed at the top of the door leaf and the door frame.

Step 2: Then embed the hydraulic buffer spring in the slot before installing the door and window, and screw the slide into the slot of the starter frame.

Step 3: After the door frame and the fan are fixed and fixed, fix the link to the spring shaft with a nut.

Exterior door closer

Step 1: The door closer can only be installed on the upper part of the door leaf near the hinge side. There is no end of the speed adjustment screw on the body. It faces the hinge. The four parts are used to fix the body on the door leaf, and then the lever is placed on the upper end of the pinion. The other end Install the cap and tighten the fastening screws.

Step 2: Secure the connecting rod to the door frame with two screws. The hand-held link is at right angles to the upper door frame. Loosen the lock nut and adjust the connecting rod to the appropriate length. Place the washer and tighten with a semi-circular head screw. Lock nut, installation is complete.

Step 3: The door closing speed has been adjusted. If you need to change the speed, turn the speed adjusting screw as shown.

Bottom spring

Step 1: Install the top shaft on the door frame. The top shaft sleeve is mounted on the top of the door leaf. The center of the two must be aligned.

Step 2: Lift a plumb line from the center of the top shaft to the ground to find the centerline position of the bottom shaft installed on the floor and the position of the floor screw holes. Then remove the top shaft.

Step 3: First install the door spring body (referring to the frame bottom plate, etc.) in the lower part of the door leaf, and then place the door leaf into the door frame, align the center of the top and bottom shafts and the position of the screw holes on the bottom plate.

Step 4: Then fix the top shaft to the door frame separately. The bottom plate is fixed on the floor of the building, and the floor and the floor should be flush.

Step 5: Finally, attach the frame cover of the spring-loading body to the door leaf.