Development trend of fingerprint recognition: effective combination of IC card

- Nov 19, 2018-

Development trend of fingerprint recognition: effective combination of IC card

Modern electronic integrated manufacturing technology allows us to manufacture relatively small fingerprint image reading devices, while the rapidly developing personal computer computing speed provides the possibility of performing two fingerprint comparison operations on a microcomputer or even a single chip microcomputer. In addition, the reliability of the matching algorithm is also constantly improving, and the fingerprint recognition technology has been very practical.

Fingerprint recognition technology can be applied to many aspects in several ways. The most typical example is to replace the password of each computer application by using fingerprint verification. It is conceivable that if all the systems and applications on the computer can use fingerprint verification, it will be very convenient and safe for people to use the computer. Users no longer hate the necessary security checks, and the IT developer's after-sales service will be much lighter. .

Combining fingerprint recognition technology with IC cards is one of the most promising directions. The technology stores the fingerprint of the card owner (encrypted) on the IC card, and installs a fingerprint identification system on the card reader of the IC card. When the card reader reads the information on the card, the card reader is read in together. The fingerprint can be confirmed by comparing the fingerprint on the card with the fingerprint of the card holder to confirm whether the card holder is the real owner of the card, thereby proceeding to the next transaction. In more stringent situations, it can be further compared to fingerprints on the backend host system database.

Fingerprint IC cards can be widely used in many industries, such as replacing existing ATM cards, manufacturing security documents (visa or passport, public medical cards, membership cards, library cards, etc.). At present, the ATM fingerprinting function of the ATM is already in use in the United States. The cardholder can cancel the password (to avoid the difficulty of the old man and the child remembering the password) or still keep the password, and the fingerprint and password are similar in operation.

At present, fingerprint recognition is mainly used in attendance, access control, safe cabinets and other fields. It is believed that with the improvement of fingerprint identification technology, it will be widely used in ID cards, motor vehicles, homes and other fields.