Detailed knowledge of induction locks:

- Nov 26, 2018-

Detailed knowledge of induction locks:

Inductive locks are more common on the door, such as the door to the magnetic entrance of the cell entrance, the door in the hotel room, and so on. There are many classifications of induction locks. Before you buy, you need to know clearly and know the precautions for purchase.

1. Classification of Induction Locks Induction locks generally use various "cards" as keys. Regardless of the variety of card types, according to the operation mode of input cards, they can be divided into two types: contact cards and contactless cards. At present, the technology of the contact card is mature, the price is low, and the application is also extensive; the contactless card is concealed and convenient, and it has a tendency to come up later.

2, the advantage of the sensor lock The large amount of information stored is the advantage of the sensor lock card, it not only serves as a key, but also can load a lot of personal information, especially suitable for the financial industry to pay attention to the "identification of the body" industry characteristics, and more than one card ( Such as entry, unlock, storage, payment, etc. bring the convenience of cardholders. The use of such electronic anti-theft locks requires careful storage of the card and the loss of authorization to cancel the card as soon as possible.

3, the disadvantage of the induction lock There are many types of induction locks, the security is different. Low-end products, such as the access card of the community, a few yuan, the security is poor; in addition, the card is like a key, can not forget to bring or lose, so there is no advantage that other smart locks do not need to carry, and Cards are more susceptible to damage than keys.

4, induction lock purchase tricks In addition to the method of buying smart lock mentioned in the password lock, when purchasing the sensor lock, you can also judge the quality of the sensor lock according to the following methods.

First, test the sensitivity of the sensor key card Repeated card or sensor key card should open normally after opening the door, there should be no "no response" or "error", "motor chaos" phenomenon.

Second, understand the static power consumption of the sensor door lock. After selecting the sensor lock, first check its sensing sensitivity, and then understand the static power consumption of the sensor door lock. Because the general induction door locks are powered by dry batteries, some brand-sensing door locks can be used continuously for more than one year, while some brands change batteries in less than a month. Frequent battery changes can seriously affect the use.

Third, pay attention to the quality of the card The sensor lock card can be divided into IC card, TM card, magnetic card, the most used is the IC contact door lock, IC card door lock generally uses Siemens cards. At present, there are many companies that manufacture cards. Many smart lock factories use smaller card manufacturers to make cards, which cannot guarantee the quality of the chips. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the card, it is recommended to choose a strong brand manufacturer's products.