Class A, B and C core separation methods

- Jul 10, 2018-

Class A, B and C core separation methods:

Class-A lock: at present, a class a anti-theft lock key has a key and a cross key. The internal structure of A-level lock core is very simple. It is only limited to the change of the marble, and the slot is few and shallow. The technical opening time is very high in 1 minutes. The structure of the bullet is a single row of bullet or cross lock.

B class lock: B lock key is flat key, has two rows of marble slot, different from A-level lock is that the key face is more than a row of crooked irregular lines. There are 3 main types of lock core, double row lock core, double row crescent lock core and double blade lock core. The technical opening time is high in 5 minutes. The lock core can be opened in 1 minutes by strong twist tool.

C lock: the key is the single side blade inner milling slot, the outer milling key or the double row + blade form. The core type is the side column lock core. The area can not be opened by the Ministry of public security for 270 minutes, and the area interlocking rate is zero (1/16000000). The billiard structure is double row blades plus V side column locking. If the strong lock tool is used to open the lock core, the inner core of the lock is damaged and self detonate is locked, resulting in failure to open.

The lock core uses a number of anti-theft technology, a variety of special shaped anti pullout, to stop the technology to open, with the unique design of the bullet and blade structure, with high anti technical safety performance.

The lock is equipped with a precision number and special shaped bullet structure, which will automatically lock when the number and special shaped bullet must be pulled at the same time when the technology is opened.

The core of the lock adopts a variety of multi shaped ball combinations, and a maximum of billions of key numbers can be compiled to achieve zero cross opening in the region (1/16000000). The locking core has increased the lateral inner pressure side column pin device, which has greatly improved the ability to prevent violence and strong twisting.