Choose a security lock and look at the key first?

- Jun 29, 2018-

On the market, most of the "anti-theft door guard against theft" of the rumors is true? As the guardian of the first line of security, the quality of the security door will play a decisive role. At present, the anti-theft door on the market looks very similar, but there is a distinct difference in the price. What is the difference in the quality of the anti-theft door on the market? What is the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door?

To investigate burglar doors for security

Many anti-theft door brand sales of anti-theft doors are the use of a class a gate with B class locks, these brands also have a class a door with C class lock products, and in life, B class lock security is not as good as the C lock.

In addition, these anti-theft door brand in accordance with the national standards produced in accordance with the standards of B - class lock of the anti-theft door in the consumer purchase can be replaced as a C lock, in order to ensure the anti-theft function of the security lock, but from the B lock to the C class lock needs consumers to pay another.

According to the industry, the security door on the market looks very similar, but speaking of anti-theft performance, the key is to watch the lock core. At present, some families are not able to guard against theft. The main choice is that the lock core of the anti-theft door is no longer able to provide anti-theft functions effectively, such as a class a lock and a B class lock. The super B grade lock (new national standard C grade lock) is the best anti-theft property in the market.

The consumer association has issued consumer warnings, which can be opened in dozens of seconds or even seconds, calling on consumers to replace safer locks in time. The association has done random sampling and found that more than 50% of the users are still using a class a lock, and a level lock in the hands of the thieves can still be successful for dozens of seconds.

It is recommended to pick the key and see the key first

So what are the keys to the common C lock core in the market at present? According to the reporter, there are many types of C security locks in the market, their core style is different, and the keys used are different. For example, some blade C - class anti-theft lock core is used for inner milling key, divided into double side milling and single side milling. The choice of the key to see whether there are both sides of the inner milling; the other type of blade structure of the anti-theft lock core selection of the inner milling structure is divided into two types of curves and three curves, consumers can be judged by the number of keys on the key.

In addition, there are also the outer milling type lock core including the blade structure, the key in which the key is usually added with the bullet; the key with the special shaped bullet in the C level lock core of the special special shaped bullet structure; and the C security lock key with the double row of bullet and the curve slot structure. Among them, the first two are the most used structures in the market, which are the best security performance.

In addition, there are some lock cores, such as the crescent of the crescent tooth and quantum structure, which have gradually been replaced by a new type of lock core, but the current market stock is relatively large, and the consumer needs to be carefully identified when buying.

Watch out for your family to change the lock core

It is understood that at present, the market in addition to a lock can not replace the lock core, the use of other levels of lock - proof door can be replaced by the way to replace the lock core, to enhance the anti-theft performance of the anti-theft door. For example, the anti-theft lock core, such as the following key, is suggested to be replaced in time, such as a single row of bullet burglar lock core, eighty percent of the stolen cases caused by the technology of the lock core, and also the replacement of the cross bullet, which also belongs to the type of "second opening". Very unsafe, and the use of double row of anti theft lock core, the most familiar to people, the key used in the two rows of straight row pits, which is a lock core that can be easily opened through tin paper, it is still in the use of the lock core of the security door is very unsafe.

What is worth paying special attention to is that these keys are mainly the anti-theft lock core used by the developers to save the cost when building the house. The lower level has not adapted to the current security situation. It is suggested that the security lock core should be replaced after the stay in the decoration, so as to ensure the safe living environment.