China's home hardware third batch of group standard project officially started.

- Sep 11, 2018-

China's home hardware third batch of group standard project officially started.

At the just-concluded China International Hardware Exhibition and China International Kitchen Exposition, the first group standards of home hardware issued by China Hardware Products Association in October 2016 have been put on the ground, and the latest results of the phase have been announced. At the same time, the second batch of group standards were officially released, and the third batch of group standards were also launched at the same time.

"In recent years, the enthusiasm for standardization of the hardware industry is very good, the industry's national standards, line standards after cleaning up, optimization, streamlining and integration, there are now more than 300, almost covering all areas of hardware products. The Association for the formulation of group standards, in line with the principle of high, new, fast, strive to reflect the industry's latest technology and products, the highest performance indicators, with the fastest speed to establish a representative of the industry's best standard system, through the construction of group standards to guide the development and progress of the industry. As the full-time vice chairman of China Hardware Products Association said in an interview with reporters, in the construction of the standard system, the hardware industry has done a lot of solid and effective work.

Surpass EU standard and build industry quality benchmark

At present, the group standards issued and to be issued by the industry are all carried out in accordance with the requirements of the State Council's "Reform Plan for Deepening Standardization Work", mainly to solve the problems of slow establishment of national standards and bank standards, long formulation cycle, and to solve the pain points of consumers in choosing and using products.

The first group standards, Home Buffer Dark Hinges and Home Buffer Drawer Guide, were officially released on October 21, 2016. The standard is based on the relevant European Union standards (EN (Euro Standard) 15570 and EN (Euro Standard) 15338) for home hinges and guideways, and some of them are even higher than the European Union standards. According to the quality inspection report of domestic leading enterprises and foreign famous brands issued at the meeting, the products of domestic leading enterprises in salt spray test, environmental protection performance and other aspects have exceeded the index of foreign famous brands.

The chairman of the China Hardware Products Association said that the report was a fruitful result of the in-depth practice of group standards in China's home hardware industry. From the formulation, promulgation and promotion of the first group standards to the issuance of the second group standards and the third group standards, the sense of standard competition has taken root in the hearts of the majority of entrepreneurs. The formulation of group standards has gradually become a new normal for enterprises to seize the commanding heights of industry development, and constantly enhance their radiation and influence. Promote the industry from low-end to high-end, promote regional economic development to achieve quality and efficiency-oriented connotation.

"The second batch of China Home Hardware Group Standards is another batch of China Hardware Products Association pilot group standards. The successful issuance of the standards will help to upgrade the industry, improve the quality of products and services, implement the "Made in China 2025" strategy, respond to the "three-product strategy" of "improving quality, increasing variety and creating brand" put forward by the state, improve the quality of China's high-end home hardware products, and promote the promotion of national manufacturing brands. The executive director of China Hardware Products Association believes that the publication of group standards will play a positive role in the construction and development of China's hardware industry base.

Indeed, after more than 30 years of development, China's hardware has formed a complete set of complete types of home hardware manufacturing industry clusters. According to Foshan Shunde District Home Hardware Association Secretary-General, Shunde has a total of 2,400 home hardware enterprises, output value of nearly 40 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the domestic high-end home hardware market share, China's largest home hardware industry cluster, is also the benchmark of high-end home hardware products. According to incomplete statistics, Shunde now has 35 household hardware manufacturing and sales enterprises of more than 100 million yuan; 15 state high-tech enterprises, 50 provincial private technology enterprises; 10 famous trademarks in Guangdong Province, 12 famous brand products in Guangdong Province, its comprehensive strength occupies one fifth of the country. Shunde Leliu was also awarded the titles of "China Sliding Rail Industry Base", "China Hinge Industry Base", "Guangdong Hardware Industry Cluster Upgrading Demonstration Zone" and "Guangdong Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading Demonstration Base" and was honored as "China Home Hardware Capital".