Before you buying a entry door lock, need to check the main details

- Feb 09, 2019-

Before you buying a entry door lock, need to check the main details

1. Lock Material

One of the best materials for keyless entry for home is zinc alloys, and customer required higher level is stainless steel or copper. But there are many kinds of front door keyless entry for a few hundred dollars that you can find in the market are probably made by plastic. Zinc alloy has feature of corrosion resistance, easy to die-cast with many different style, stable mechanical and wear resistance in regular indoor temperature. 


2. Fingerprint

Many electronic locks for home are now using semiconductor fingerprint collectors, if businesses tell you that they are optical fingerprint collectors that you can basically give up to select that lock. 

3 Mortise lock

The mortise lock for high-end electronic door lock system should be with stainless steel casing, and can prevent smashing and anti-saw. Stainless steel has high density, high strength but high cost, so high-end locks is hard to be with cheap price.


4 Cylinder

According to the security level, there are grade A, B, and Super B (C-grade). The lock with A, B-level can be opened by the thief in just a few minutes, while the Super B-level (C-grade) should take at least 270 minutes even by an experience professional. Super B-level (C-grade) has higher security than grade A and B.

5. Functionality

Some of the high-end keyless door entry systems on the market have five-in-one accessing way: fingerprints, passwords, RFID cards, mobile phone APPs, and mechanical keys. And there are anti-viewer unlocking function and antI-spy passwords functions too. This is a standard for high-end digital front door lock. It should not take into consideration if an electronic keyless door locks does not have all of these function.