Basic purchase knowledge of electronic locks

- Nov 19, 2018-

Basic purchase knowledge of electronic locks

The appearance should be exquisite, the surface should not have obvious scratches or rust. The key of the magnetic lock is to look at his tensile strength. This requires professional equipment to be measured, so only after installation, the hand pulls a sudden force. It is normal to pull it off, but it should be noted that the installation of the electromagnetic lock body should be consistent, and the suction iron should not be installed too tightly, otherwise it will affect the tensile strength.

Secondly, the lock surface should have a metallic luster, and there should be no obvious scratches. The standby current is about 300 mA, and the operating current is lower than 900 mA. After a long time of power-on, the surface is slightly hot, but it is not hot. The force of the electric mortise lock should be sufficient. After the pressure is pressed, the lock can automatically bounce and be powerful. It is best to perform 4,000 continuity tests. If it is found that the lock is weak during the process, or if the bounce is not in place, or if it cannot be lifted, it is considered unqualified. Some engineering consultants ask: Is it a two-wire or multi-wire electric plug lock? This is the case. The multi-wire electric plug lock is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. The operating current of the electric lock is controlled by the single-chip microcomputer, and the lock body will not It is too hot and has a delay control function and a magnetic door detection function. The delay control function can be used for the door with a bad spring. The magnetic door monitoring function can provide the controller with real-time monitoring of the door opening and closing state. Although these functions are not necessarily used, the quality and stability of the electric locks controlled by the single-chip microcomputer and the electric lock without the single-chip control are not at one level. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not have to save a little money. The two-wire electric plug lock has a very simple internal structure. It is only a mechanism for driving the electromagnetic coil. The operating current is large, and the heat is severe enough to damage the electric lock at a certain time. It is not recommended.

Is it an electric lock? Is it an electromagnetic lock or an electric lock?

What kind of lock you have to match depends on what you are. Double-open (can be opened inside or outside) glass door is best to use electric plug lock, the company's internal single open (only open or only open) wooden door is best to use magnetic lock, magnetic lock has called electromagnetic lock. The magnetic lock body is installed on the upper part of the door frame. Some people don't think it is not hidden installation. It is not beautiful. In fact, it is used in foreign countries. The use of foreign magnetic locks requires redundant electric locks. The stability of magnetic locks is also higher than electricity. Plug lock, but the safety of the electric lock is high. The electric lock is installed on the door side and the mechanical lock such as the ball lock. The safety is much lower, and the wiring is inconvenient, but the price is cheaper. It is not recommended. It is best to buy magnetic locks and electric locks for the community. The electric locks are relatively loud. The general building intercom is equipped with electronic locks. Now there is also a silent electric lock, which can be considered. However, no matter what lock you use, you should pay attention to rain protection. The locks are made of iron and are easy to rust. This should be noted. There are many other electric locks that are not popular. It is not recommended because the production scale is limited, the application cases are too few, the products are not mature, and it is best to use them less. For example, there is a power-off lock on the market. This kind of lock can meet the requirements of the door that the door is still closed after the customer loses power, but it does not meet the fire-fighting requirements. It may not pass the acceptance, and the thickness of the door frame is required. There will be unexpected troubles. So it is still better to recommend to customers.

Is it purchased from the lock factory or purchased from the equipment supplier?

Buying electric locks directly from the lock factory may be cheap, but the quantity you purchase is limited, and you may not get good prices and services. There is also an access control system controller. You can find a company to buy, and the electric lock can be bought by a company. If the problem is shirked, it is not easy to deal with it. It is better to buy it from the controller supplier. The controller manufacturer and supplier generally do not directly produce the electric lock, because the electric lock manufacturing industry does not belong to the electronics industry, but belongs to the machinery. In the processing industry, they generally assess the quality of the locks of each lock factory through testing and trial use. If it is good, controller manufacturers generally use the OEM method to sell, and the brand of their own company, indicating the quality of the product. Be responsible for.

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