Ball lock purchase

- Mar 09, 2019-

Understand the principle of the ball lock, product level, I believe that everyone has a bottom when buying, when picking the lock, try to choose a product with a higher level of security, in order to prevent being fooled, the manufacturer is required to show the product when purchasing. certificate. In addition, the following is still a few tricks for everyone to ensure that nothing is lost.

First, look at the key teeth, the more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complicated the arrangement, the more difficult the opening, the better the anti-theft performance.

Second, the heavier the weight, the heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder. The more beads in the lock cylinder, the better the anti-theft function.

Third, look at the color and workmanship. The quality of the lock cylinder is electroplated, the surface is smooth and the color is bright. Among them, the color is dark yellow, the copper core is relatively strong, the anti-theft performance is better, the color of the lock core is dim, the color is gray and the bubble is zinc alloy, and the anti-theft performance is general.

Fourth, try to insert the key, the key rotation is inserted into the lock core and the card has poor anti-theft performance.