Assembled wooden door lock hardware installation knowledge

- Nov 30, 2018-

Assembled wooden door lock hardware installation knowledge

The assembled wooden door hinge should be vertical and flat; the flat hinge should be slotted in the door leaf and door cover. The notch should be standardized, the size is the same as the hinge, the allowable tolerance of the three sides is +0.5, the flatness is smooth after assembly, and the hinge is opened. It should be flexible, and the three-prong hinges should be inserted into the mold according to the mold. The hinge fixing screws should be straight and hidden on the hinge plane.

The sash of the rear door should be 10~15mm lower than the lintel, and the sash should be 50mm high on the window sill. If the height of the sill is slightly larger or smaller, the window frame should be adjusted up and down to ensure the lining of the girders. Thickness and slope outside the window sill.

According to the provided assembled wooden door lock type, it is installed to the corresponding position. The height of the lock position is 900-1000mm from the ground. After installation, check whether the door leaf and door lock switch are flexible and whether the seam is in compliance with the specifications.

Assembled wooden door door locks should be accurate and standardized, and the size should be consistent with the lock body and the lock piece; the door lock should be fastened and unlocked without any abnormal noise; the accessories should be installed completely, and the fixing screws should be fully and straight. The door closers should be installed at the specified position, and the mounting screws should be installed in full and straight, and the fittings should be good.

Installation of assembled wooden door hardware should be completed according to the design, accurate position, and must not be missed. Wood screws are strictly forbidden to be driven in one time, and wind hooks must not be entered at one time. There are door and window frames with a face and a door and window frame with a wall-mounted skin. The thickness of the plaster should be 15~18mm in front of the frame to make the door frame and the plaster surface flush.