Are there several forms of lock locks?

- Feb 01, 2018-

A micro-power passive electronic lock composed of a fixed lock body, a rotating lock core and an electronic control circuit component, the rotary lock core is equipped with an electronic control circuit board and electrically connected micro motor and positioning switch, the micro-motor-driven limit cam is used to restrict or open the locking of the marbles in the fixed lock body and the rotation of the lock core displacement movement, To achieve the prohibition may be the locking of the core reversal of the purpose of opening or locking. The use of active electronic lock keys and micro-motor as the implementation components of the work of the passive electronic lock, high electromechanical conversion efficiency, ultra-low power consumption, more environmentally friendly, can directly replace, replace, upgrade the traditional mechanical locks in the core key components-mechanical lock.

The electronic lock includes a lock body and a core in the lock body of the product, the lock core is provided with a circuit board with at least one key partition and a micro motor connected with the circuit board, and a CPU is installed on the circuit board, and the core is inserted at one end of the electronic key and has a contact point for connecting with the electronic key. The inner end of the contact is electrically connected with the circuit board of the product, and the inner wall of the lock body is provided with a groove for limiting the card latch, and the power output of the micro motor is connected with the card latch through the latch driving device. This product by setting the contact point on the core, no electronic key inserted completely in the power-free State, there is an electronic key inserted automatically connected to the power supply, the realization of data transmission, check and drive the micro-motor, in the premise of satisfying the precise control of micro-power electronic drive function, with accurate control, high security, The advantages of low power consumption.