Anti-theft lock is best to choose b level

- Nov 28, 2018-

Anti-theft lock is best to choose b level

In lock products, the anti-theft lock used on the security door is particularly important. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security gat73-94 "Mechanical anti-theft lock", the anti-theft lock is divided into the general protection level and the advanced protection level according to its anti-theft ability. The lock of the common protection level is represented by the letter "a", and the lock of the advanced protection level is marked with the letter "b". Said. According to the standard, the a-type anti-theft lock prevents the technical unlocking time from being less than 1 minute, preventing the destructive opening time from being less than 15 minutes; the b-type anti-theft lock prevents the technical unlocking time from being less than 5 minutes, preventing the impact opening time from not less than 30 minutes.

The China Consumers Association issued a consumer reminder to appeal to consumers to replace safer lock cylinders in a timely manner. According to reports, most consumers currently use a-type locks in their homes. With the development of unlocking technology, the safety of such locks has decreased. Some anti-theft locks have set the number of multi-turn turns to improve the safety of locks. However, no matter how many turns, the a-type lock can be successfully cracked in the hands of thieves for dozens of seconds. It is even more difficult for thieves to use a new technology called "tin foil unlocking method" to open the anti-theft lock. The shortest unlocking process can be completed in a few seconds. Relatively speaking, the b-type anti-theft lock is safer. In the actual test, the time when the b-type anti-theft lock is broken and opened is far higher than the national standard, and it is higher than the criminal guilty time of the thief, which can protect consumers more effectively. Property and personal safety (the thieves were found to have injured residents after entering the room).

At present, the price of the b-class anti-theft lock core is 200-300 yuan in the hypermarket, which is also a b-class lock, but also choose a good quality product. There are many kinds of key materials, and the better material is steel.

In addition, the national standard only has a level lock and b level lock. At present, the super b level lock and c level lock on the market should be the concept of enterprise self-determination, but the super b level lock and the c level lock must reach the basic of the national b level lock. Requires that super b-level locks and c-level locks can be considered as b-level locks.