Anti-theft alarm lock usage and precautions

- May 19, 2019-

Alarm lock: Insert the key and turn it to open the trigger, toggle the switch, and make a “beep” sound, and the alarm will start. Insert the lock lever to turn the key and pull it out. After five seconds delay, the vibration will give an unlocking sound or an alarm sound. After five seconds, if it is vibrated, an alarm will sound. Mechanical locking: Insert the key and turn it on to open the trigger, turn the switch, turn off the power, make it in the non-alarm state, insert the lock lever and reverse the key and pull it out. Open: Insert the key and turn it, pull out the lock lever and pull out the key. Note: The key that cannot be copied in the market, please keep it in a safe place. Replace the battery: first open the lock lever with the key, use the 5mm inner wrench to remove the 5mm screw, slowly pull out the lock, and replace the battery in the correct orientation (3 "AAA" battery). Then install the lock and retighten the screws.


If the alarm sound is too low during the use, or the alarm does not work normally after the original package is opened, and the program is disordered during use, please replace the battery in time. If the screw is loose, please tighten it in time, otherwise there is a safety hazard.