Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of dial-type password lock

- Mar 09, 2019-

Advantages: Dial-type password locks generally have six-digit passwords, and six-digit passwords can have more than 2.98 million sets of passwords for people to change at will, and the confidentiality is extremely high. In addition, the number of passwords and the amount of passwords can be redesigned according to the needs of users. It can also add alarm interface for users, no key, no power supply, no battery, safe and reliable, full mechanical structure, can withstand the harsh external environment, and has a wide range of use.

Disadvantages: Some password padlocks can tighten the lock, then turn the dial until it can no longer move, so that the password can be found. There are also certain relationships between the numbers of the turntable locks, which greatly reduces the possibility of combination of passwords. Cheap password padlocks can be opened with special linings without the need for a password.

Summary: Dial-type password locks are highly secure and are generally used in safes, safes, filing cabinets, etc. However, the dial-type combination lock is relatively rare on the home door, which may be due to its relatively complicated operation and a keyboard-type combination lock that is easier to operate as a substitute. Just like a keyboard phone instead of a dial phone.