Advantages and disadvantages of zinc alloy locks

- Mar 28, 2019-


1. Zinc alloy lock production is die-cast, once formed, and the production speed is fast.

2. The quality of zinc alloy lock is better than that of metal lock. The hardness of zinc alloy is good, it is easy to die-cast into different types of metal locks, it will not be deformed, and it is also easy to find quality problems and improve the quality problems in time. The tin lock does not have this function.

3. After zinc alloy die-casting, the extra raw materials can be recycled.

4. The zinc alloy lock plating effect is better than the metal lock, and the treated surface is also the same. The zinc alloy is electroplated with foaming and pitting, which is relatively small compared to the iron sheet, and the surface is relatively smooth and smooth.

5. Zinc alloy plating is not easy to rust and long spots after sealing oil.


1. The cost is higher than that of the iron sheet, and the waste is more wasteful than the iron sheet.