Advantages and disadvantages of fingerprint lock

- Mar 21, 2019-

Safe and reliable

So the most safe and reliable. In addition, the use of the fingerprint anti-theft lock is also stable.


Don't worry about going out to forget to bring your keys, go out and lose your keys, go shopping and go to the bag to find the keys, go to the community to exercise or take a walk to lose the keys, and go home to open the door quickly and easily.

Too many unlocks

The fingerprint lock can also set a variety of unlocking methods such as remote control, telephone unlocking, SMS unlocking, etc. The more the fingerprint lock is unlocked, the security stability is also easy to discount.

Stability should be strengthened

The fingerprint lock is a combination of motor and the quality of the lock core. The scientific and rational design of the circuit will affect the stability of the fingerprint lock.

Recognition rate to be improved

Usually 1%-5% of people can't use the fingerprint lock, or need multiple recognition to pass. However, some manufacturers do finger vein locks to compensate for this shortcoming of fingerprint recognition.

Battery life is different

The battery life is usually one year, and actually there are half a year. You can't prompt the user to replace the battery, and often the user is turned away. When the remote control or IC card function is added, the power consumption is very large.