Accessories of lock

- Feb 05, 2019-

Lock accessories.

Ordinary Pinball Door Lock: Ordinary ball lock is the most commonly used door lock, which can be opened indoors with a handle attached to the lock, and must be unlocked from the outside with a key. Indoor insurance New can make the outdoor key can not be opened, you can also lock the lock in the lock body so that the door can be freely pushed open. Outdoor insurance agencies can make the door lock on the rear tongue can not be freely telescopic, prevent foreign objects toggle lock bolt unlocking. With anti-dumping function of the lock so that the lock can not be removed from the outside of the door down.

Lock is a commonly used hardware accessories, it plays a role in positioning, safety, aesthetics.

Padlock: padlock is used with the hanging buckle accessories. It has a variety of structures, such as marbles, leaf padlocks, number padlocks and more.