2018 ninth Yunnan International Building Decoration Materials Exhibition

- Jun 16, 2018-

Exhibition time: 2018-08-20 to 2018-08-22

Supporting unit: Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. exhibition venue: Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Exhibition content

The 2018 ninth Yunnan International Exhibition of architectural decoration materials is held in the same period: the 2018 Yunnan decoration and decoration Summit Forum and the annual meeting time of the Kunming architectural decoration industry association: the 20-22 day August 2018: the invitation letter of the Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center: the host unit of the Yunnan provincial housing and the urban and rural construction department: the construction industry of Yunnan Province Association, Kunming architectural decoration industry association, Yunnan plastic industry association and Yunnan Municipal Engineering Association: Guangzhou Huaya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. support unit: Yunnan Province, urban and rural planning and Design Research Institute, Kunming city planning and Design Institute, Yunnan provincial building materials science research and Design Institute, Yunnan construction industry The total output value of the Chinese architectural decoration industry in 2015 is 3 trillion and 800 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 12.3%, and the national decoration market has a broad space. 

Yunnan expects the total output value of the construction industry to exceed 800 billion yuan at the end of 13th Five-Year. With the construction of cities and towns in Yunnan province to promote, is expected to have 800 thousand people from scattered rural become urban residents each year, the progress of urbanization will bring opportunities to the decoration materials market development at the same time, Yunnan Province as an important gateway to The Belt and Road "and" bridgehead "construction, will give the development of decoration industry ushered in a hitherto unknown Good opportunity. The "Yunnan Expo" has been successfully held in Kunming for 8 sessions with a cumulative area of more than 80000 square meters, from 16 prefectures and neighboring cities in Yunnan, with more than 55000 exhibitors, a batch of materials such as mallbe building materials, Western Asian new decorative materials, four countries, Hongkong high, Tianfu crystal magnesium, and lust for peak decoration The company, home and smart home, Becker building materials, probiotics, livable building materials, Dongyang building materials, Nan Ke building materials and other famous exhibitors, become the only decoration material exhibition in Yunnan. 

Since Yunnan only existed for the long year, many decorative materials producers could not get the opportunity to build the whole province, and many decorative materials companies gradually drew close to the construction of the Expo. Therefore, the seventh Yunnan decoration material exhibition will organize the distribution agents, decoration engineering companies, home clothing companies and real estate in Yunnan Prefecture. Hair, research and Design Institute, construction units come to trade negotiations and exchanges and cooperation and procurement of decorative materials, and in the exhibition during the exhibition to provide free delivery service to the market for professional decoration materials. The ninth Yunnan decoration material exhibition will cooperate with more than 10 comprehensive mass media, more than 100 professional websites, more than 50 professional magazines, 200 thousand business letters, 100 thousand messages and about 300000 e-mail every month, to carry out a strong propaganda to the exhibition. 

In the local mainstream media spring city evening news, urban times, information and other media press conferences or advertisements, the length of more than one thousand, comprehensive expansion, enhance the influence of the exhibition. Purchasing and Exhibition range, bathroom and ceramic, kitchen equipment, whole home and wardrobe, wall cabinet, shift door, partition wall paper and production excipient, cloth, window ornaments, home soft decoration, various decorative glass, art glass, building glass, etc. integrated ceiling / metal ceiling / soft film smallpox / sun board, etc. , floor tiles, carpets and other pavement materials and staircase, architectural paint, functional paint, artistic texture paint, diatom mud, etc. building decoration hardware, iron art products, hardware accessories, furniture, door industry, home products, art decoration series, villa design and supporting facilities. Etc. intelligent home system, lighting electric, wire and cable, family heating, air conditioning, ventilation, pipe fittings, water treatment, building stone products and maintenance technology equipment, decoration company, home shop and related environmental decoration materials, etc.